The digital certified public accountant

70th Certified Public Accountants Congress
The digital accountant!

Following amendments to our legislation and changes in regulatory obligations, 2015 is the year when the profession has to grasp the new opportunities it is being offered, make the necessary organisational changes to enter the digital economy and become a key player in this economy.

Why do we need a congress on the digital accountant?
In 2015, the firm will become totally digital, in almost all of its traditional activities and in all of its new activities and new businesses (some of which are still to be invented), as well as in the way it is organised and in the relationships it maintains with the outside world (clients, government offices, banks…).

What are the key focuses of the 70th Congress?
This people-centred congress will be focused on three key aspects related to the digital economy:
  • adapting traditional activities (online accounts, accounting entry files, archiving, online acquisition of payroll data, documentary exchanges…) for a modern accountant;
  • the development of new businesses and new activities (full service administrative and cash, support with transition to e-commerce, audit of information systems…) for an innovative accountant;
  • the efficiency and performance of the actual organisation of the firm (e-marketing, presence on social networks, remote work…) for an entrepreneurial accountant!